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Sometimes I wonder if they care but I will never know. Like what do they say behind my back or what did I do to piss them off. I thought high school was bad but boy is college worse. It is a sad day when you realize this. All I want is for them to come to my room and hang out like they do in everyone else. So what I don’t have a single. I have been in my room for 3 days cause I have been sick but I have 3 visitors who have stayed and talked. Like really though you complain about everyone else being a shitty friend maybe you are. I get its finals but you have 10 mins to come see how I am and how I am feeling.

I am invisible.

I have come to the conclusion I am invisible. Yea I could leave my room more yea I could talk more but all I want sometimes is someone to want me to. I maybe should find different friends I don’t know if it would change but I am invisible for the time being and it sucks. I want to change it but I don’t know how. I feel awkward in every situation I am in, which sucks. I am invisible and that fact needs to be changed.

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